Tap2Assist Pet Tags

Why is it with all of our modern technology that our pets have been left out?
We didn't think this was fair so we created a Pet Tag that serves you and your pet better.
A Pet Tag that contains critical information about your furry friends in case of an emergency.
A Pet Tag that will even notify you whenever it is scanned.
What to know more about our modern Pet Tag?
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Tap2Assist Pet Tags

Personal Assistance Devices

Here at Tap2Assist we asked ourselves the question how technology can support people better. This is not a unique question but when we looked into what was available to help us in the areas that we thought were important we didn't like what we found, so we decided to change that.

Using the devices people already have like Smartphone’s and Tablets we build our solutions on technologies like NFC, QR Codes and HTTP that are included by default in the majority of today’s devices, or are available by downloading a free app to assist you.

Our range of assistance devices currently covers Pet Tag, Key Tags and Asset Tags. But we aren't stopping here, we are constantly developing new solutions and are dedicated to solving issues we see around personal items, medical and travel.

If you would like to read more about the personal assistance devices we are working on, the ways we want to offer you more support in your daily lives, or just more about us.
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Technologies Behind Our Solutions

NFC everything you need to know about how this technology powers our devices.


With the explosion of Tap and Pay, every new smart phone now comes standard with the ability to pay for items.
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Our devices are not just limited to your phone.
Tablets are just as capable as displaying the information you store as well.
As long as they have a data connection, there good to go.
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Even if a person only has access to a computer or laptop then can still assist.
As well as using NFC all our devices have a unique code that can be used to retrieve your information in an emergency.
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Need to Know More

Pet Profile Sample

If you would like to see what a completed Pet Profile looks like to a person scanning a Pet Tag.
Click the Show Profile button below and we will show you a sample pet profile with all options enabled.


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Pet Tag No. Search

See how the Pet Tag unique number works.
Copy the sample Pet Code Below and click the Code Search button.
Enter code in search box and click button to show you a sample Pet Profile.
Code: PetTag01

Code Search

Tap2Assist Videos

We know the benefit of a Video. Sometimes you just want to see how the process works.
So If you would like to see our videos that shows you everything you need to know about Tap2Assist. Then click the Video button below.


About Us

If you would like to know more about Tap2Assist.
Checkout the range of Services and Personal Assistance Devices that we offer.
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