About Us

Tap2Assist was founded in Melbourne Australia with the sole purpose of finding new ways of improving people’s lives using the emerging technology of Near Field Communication ('NFC') in collaboration with commonly used technologies like QR Codes.
We are continually developing a web-based portal, designed to make it easy for people to manage all of the assistance devices that we develop. These devices are designed to help the public communicate with each other, allowing access to critical information, which in an emergency may have the potential benefit of saving lives.


Personal Assistance Devices

Tap2Assist is dedicated to developing the best Personal Assistance Devices that today’s technology can provide. NFC is fast becoming a technology with unlimited potential, just look at the popularity of tap and go payments.
We know that you can’t provide a reliable assistant device if people have to download an App to be able to access it, which is why we only develop services that use first tier technologies, which are technologies deemed so important they are included in every device by default.
NFC is now becoming one of these technologies which all of the world Smartphone makers now including in there Smartphone’s.
We also include QR Codes on many of our devices, this common technology has been used successfully for years and makes it easy for people to access your information via technology that they understand.

Tap2Assist Pet Tags

But what if you have an older phone? Well we haven’t forgotten these people either, we know that every good system needs to have more than one way to work which is why on all of our personal assistant devices we also include a printed code. Anyone with access to a web browser can navigate to our search page and type in this code to look up your information.


Tap2Assist takes the security of your information very seriously. Our entire website has an SSL certificate, which means it’s extremely secure. No data is stored on our device only in our secure encrypted database. Users need only to consider that the information they put on their profile may be seen in an emergency. You have complete control over the information you store in your profile and want information is seen, you can delete, change or add to your information whenever you like without restriction.

Tap2Assist Security

Emergency Contacts

A critical part of our system is notifications. When the device is ‘tapped’ by a NFC enabled device, has the QR Code scanned or the printed code is entered into the search page, and the user verifies they would like to see your contact information, We will send out notification messages to your designated contacts to let them know there is an emergency that requires their attention. These notifications can be sent by SMS or e-mail, what type of message we send will be determined by you when you setup your contacts.