Introducing Smart Key Tags by Tap2Assist.

Why Use A Smart Key Tag.

Ask yourself the question, if I lost my keys how much money will I need to pay to replace them and how much time would that process take.

90% of keys protected by a key tag are returned if found, often within hours, sometimes within minutes and occasionally before you even knew they were gone.

Given the cost of replacement, not to mention the amount of time lost and inconvinience can you afford not to have a smart key tag?

Key Tag Features

Our key tags are designed to provide the person who finds your keys with all the information they need to contact you.

Features Include

Profile Image
Add a Picture of yourself to the profile so that anyone who scans your tag can identify you on sight.
Contact information
Create contact information including phone and email address.
Additional Information.
Include instructions on how to return your keys to a workplace, or a safe drop off point where you can collect your keys.
Instant Alert
As soon as someone scans you key tag we will send you an alert.
You will receive an email alert, as well as an SMS alert if this option has been activated by you.
NB: SMS charges apply.
No Batteries
Our Tag do not have any batteries to charge, change or worry about.
Strong Construction.
Our Tags are wrapped in a protective metal edge with strong fixing points.

Key Tags

When someone scans your key tag we ask the user if they would like to share there location.
If Permission is given we will use this information to generate an approximate location as to where your keys ware found.
This information will be included in the Notifications as a Google map link.
Total Control
All the information that you store on your key tag is available for change whenever you like.
You are in total control to vary, change or update whenever it is convenient to you. 24 hours / 7 days a week / 365 days a year.

Key Tag Promo.

See how our smart Key Tags can reunite lost keys with their owners.

How do I get started?

Getting started couldn't be easier. To use your Key Tag all you need to do is register as a member with Tap2Assist, buy a Key Tag and create a Key Profile.

Best of all becoming a member of Tap2Assist is FREE...
Once you are a Tap2Assist Member you can then purchase as many of our different Personal Assistance Devices as you like and manage them all from the one place.

The only costs you have to make are for the tags and devices you want to use.
For a small charge we can send you SMS alert messages, but this option can be turn off if you don't want to receive them.
When you register as a Tap2Assist member we give you 10 SMS messages for free.

Now if you lose your keys with the Smart Key Tag attached, you've instantly increased your chances of getting them back from 5% to 90%.

If You Lose Your Keys and They Are Found

The Key Tag invites a "finder" to either scan with a smart phone or go online to and enter the tag code into the search box.
You will immediately get a SMS and an email notifying you that your keys have been found.
You will also get a link to a map pinpointing exactly where your keys were found.
The "finder" is then asked to either contact you directly using the mobile or email details you set when activating your smart key tag, it couldn't be easier!

Lost Key Fact File

Hundreds of keys are lost every day across Australia and Police Stations, Shopping centres are where a lot get handed in.

Less than 5% of lost keys are returned to their owner because they have no way of identifying the owners.

1 in every 10 drivers does not have a spare key to their car.

A single car key alone can cost anywhere from $300 – $1000+, plus your remote, garage door remote, house keys, post box key, add it up and if you lose your keys you are going to be up for a lot of money to replace them, plus the inconvenience.

Ease Of Use.

Our Tap2Assist Tags can be scanned by any NFC, QR Code capable device including most modern Smartphone’s and Tablets.
If you would like more information about How to scan a QR Code or Information on NFC please click the links to read more.
All of our Tags also have a unique code which can be entered into our website search page to retrieve your contact information.
Anyone with access to a web browser is able to help return your keys.