Introducing Pet Tags by Tap2Assist.

Here at Tap2Assist we think it is about time that the humble pet tag was brought into the digital age.

We all know the problems, you buy a tag for your cat or dog, you get your telephone number engraved on the tag and then your number changes? Your only option was to buy another tag.... Not anymore.

Image how good it would be if you could not only have one contact number available but 2 contact numbers, and you can update the information whenever you like.
But we didn't want to stop at just contact numbers, so we added the ability to add a variety of information that could benefit your pet.

Pet Tag Features

Our Pet tags are designed to provide the person who finds your pet with all the information they may need.

Features Include

Profile Image
Add a Picture of your pet to the profile so that anyone who scans your tag can see that any information that you include is for the correct pet.
Contact information
Create user contacts including phone and email address for Pet.
You can add up to 2 contacts that can be contacted in an emergency.
Medical Information.
List any Medication or Allergies that you pet may have. Include instructions on how to treat your pet in case of a reaction. .
Details of your Vet
Add a Vet Profile to your tag including Vet Name, Vet Address and Phone Number.
Instant Alert
As soon as someone scans you pet tag we will send you an alert.
You will receive an email alert, as well as an SMS alert if this option has been activated by you.
NB: SMS charges apply.
No Batteries
Our Tag do not have any batteries to charge, change or worry about.

Pet Tag Comparision Sheet

When someone scans your pet tag we ask the user if they would like to share there location.
If Permission is given we will use this information to generate an approximate location as to where your pet was found.
This information will be included in the Notifications as a Google map link.
Total Control
All the information that you store on your pet tag is available for change whenever you like.
You are in total control to vary, change or update whenever it is convenient to you.

Scan A Pet Tag

Scanning a Pet Tag with NFC enabled Samsung Galaxy S7

How do I get started?

Getting started couldn't be easier. To use your Pet Tag all you need to do is register as a member with Tap2Assist, buy a Pet Tag and create a Pet Profile.

Best of all becoming a member of Tap2Assist is FREE...
Once you are a Tap2Assist Member you can then purchase as many of our different Personal Assistance Devices as you like and manage them all from the one place.

The only costs you have to make are for the tags and devices you want to use.
For a small charge we can send you SMS alert messages, but this option can be turn off if you don't want to receive them.
When you register as a Tap2Assist member we give you 10 SMS messages for free.

Ease of Use.

Our Tap2Assist Pet Tags can be scanned by any NFC,QR Code capable device including most modern Smartphone’s and Tablets.
If you would like more information about How to scan a QR Code or Information on NFC please click the links to read more.
All of our Pet Tags also have a unique code which can be entered into our website search page to retrieve your pet’s information. Anyone with access to a web browser is able to help your pet.

Need to Know More

Pet Profile Sample

If you would like to see what a completed Pet Profile looks like to a person scanning a Pet Tag.
Click the Show Profile button below and we will show you a sample pet profile with all options enabled.

Show Profile

Pet Tag No. Search

See how the Pet Tag unique number works.
Copy the sample Pet Code Below and click the Code Search button.
Enter code in search box and click button to show you a sample Pet Profile.
Code: PetTag01

Code Search

Pet Tag Video

We know the benefit of a setup Video. Sometimes you just want to see how the process works.
So if you would like to see a video that shows you how to setup a Pet Tag then click the Video button below.



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